What is Sprucedupforkids

Sprucedupforkids is a platform to buy/sell PURE (Preloved.Upcycled.Recycled.Eco-Friendly) items for your family. We strongly believe that by practicing reuse and buying environment friendly items will help in building a sustainable future for our next generations!

All parents can relate to a house full of toys and books, some of which haven’t been used more than a handful of times! Yet we keep buying more toys for our kids. How about we recycle our toys and books so that many more kids can benefit from our purchase while we refresh the toy/books collection for our kids with preloved branded items at a much lower price?

Annually, approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. Why not say no to plastic and take a pledge to buy only eco-friendly items for your home?


Who are we?

We are fellow moms learning from our little munchkins each day as we live through this fulfilling journey of parenthood! Our story began as we saw each of us buying the same expensive toys/books for our little ones which barely got used a few times and sat in a corner of a toy shelf. 

This made us think about all the plastic toys across various homes with such short shelf lives and not all plastic from toys can be recycled! Hence we decided to embark on this endeavour to promote sustainability by creating a platform to buy only PURE items!


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