Do you have a story to tell; or some motivating strategies to apply in our daily lives; or fun lists and tips for parents; or simply a heartfelt personal narrative! We are happy to offer you all a platform to submit and publish your own article on our website!

How it Works

* You choose your topic and submit us your written piece via email
* Your submissions are reviewed by our editorial team
* Once our team gives a go ahead, your article is published on our website under the Blogs section, along with your byline.

What It Should include

* Your article in a Word doc
* Title of your article
* Any additional images (jpg) along with pic credit in case the photos are not yours.
* Your name and a one-line introduction about yourself 

Those interested can mail us your content at

*Just to clarify, this is an unpaid opportunity. We are just a platform to share your stories and voices. You choose what you want to write, and you retain all the rights to your work.

*All submissions will be reviewed by our editorial team before publication.

This is a chance to showcase your talents, your passion, your wisdom and your stories through our website. We can’t wait! #sprucedupforkids #bloggersinvited #writersinvited #blogforus

Who are we?

We are fellow moms learning from our little munchkins each day as we live through this fulfilling journey of parenthood! Our story began as we saw each of us buying the same expensive toys for our little ones which barely got used a few times and sat in a corner of a toy shelf. 

This made us think about all the plastic toys across various homes with such short shelf lives and not all plastic from toys can be recycled! Hence we decided to embark on this endeavour to promote reuse of preloved toys, thus making it possible to reduce and recycle our purchases and spread joy among many more little ones!

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